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Food Rations

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Daily meals should be rich in the right amount of vitamins, macronutrients and micronutrients so that your body is ready to fight the threat and has the energy to work. During multi-day expeditions, it is sometimes difficult to get food. Especially if we are far from civilization and stores. Taking a lot of canned goods is not a good solution, as it not only affects the comfort of the trip, but also reduces the speed of movement.

So it's a good idea to bring along dried foods (such as dried beef, which is an excellent source of protein) and foods hermetically packed in plastic bags. The meals and packages you will find in this category are valuable food and freeze-dried products, which will allow you to instantly and conveniently prepare a tasty and nutritious meal, using a makeshift pot or meniscus.

Even in field conditions you can eat deliciously. Find out for yourself!