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Puukko Knives

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Finnish puukko knives are traditional, handmade knives for everyday use, whose proven and durable design has not changed despite the passage of centuries. Finnish puukko knives are made from natural materials - karelian birch, birch quarters, reindeer or elk antlers, and a Scandinavian blade, usually made of carbon steel. Wedges in puukko knives have a Scandinavian cut, making them durable and very sharp. The stem of the blade goes all the way through the handle and is forged at the end of the handle, which guarantees the knife's durability. Scandinavian knives have a distinctive handmade vagina with a belt loop for conveniently clipping the knife loosely to your belt or hanging around your neck. Finnish knives are mostly made in the Kauhava region, which is famous for its knifemaking traditions. Such manufactures as Lappituote, Erapuu, Kauhavan Puukkopaja or Ahti are well-known among handmade knife lovers around the world.