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Ahti Puukko Knives

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Traditional Finnish knives - puukko from the Reino Kamppila & Sons manufactory located in the Kauhava region of Finland, where traditional Finnish knives have been made for centuries. Ahti knives are characterized by a dark handle made of stained Karelian birch and dark, ornate leather scabbards. Ahti knives are very durable tools that have a comfortable, well-fitting handle, which targets are not polished, so they grip perfectly even in high humidity conditions. Ahti Metsa Finnish knives or Ahti Vaara 95 are typical finki, which are great for everyday camp use. Larger knives Ahti Leuku 145 or 180 are very strong, durable knives for the toughest camp work. Lovers of carving and bushcraft to like the smallest ahti Tikka 62 knife.