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Tarps and Shelters

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Tarp for bushcraft, survival or just for a trip. When survivalism and classic tent trips are no longer sufficient or satisfying, it's time for the increasingly popular bushcraft. Tarps and camping sheets allow you to create a safe shelter from rain, wind, leaves and even snow or vermin during the night, for example. tarp DD Hammocks 3x3. When going on a bushcraft expedition for the first time, learn about this type of survivalism in a safe way and don't immediately throw yourself into the deep end, which will require you to construct a hut with a small saw and string. Tarps and camping sheets allow multiple configurations, making them versatile equipment also for fishermen, hunters or novice campers who want to shield themselves from the wind or the sun. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer, where everyone will find a product tailored to their requirements.