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Cooking Pots & Pans

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Cast iron kettle, Hungarian kettle, steel kettle?

You are organizing a survival or off-road expedition? You conquer mountain peaks and have to face multi-day hikes on trails, surrounded by wildlife, facing low temperatures? A warm meal in such situations is a staple that will give you the strength and energy to cope with all the adversities that come your way!

Cauldrons for the campfire

Preparing lunch or dinner isn't all that easy if you don't have the right equipment to boil water or heat up what constitutes your ration for the day. Pots and kettles available in our offer, e.g. petromax cast iron boiler, will come in handy during any expedition - whether it's a survival weekend in tents or an organized off-road trip.

Cooking in field conditions is an added attraction, while food prepared outdoors has a unique flavor and aroma that you won't experience anywhere else!