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Compass cartography is the basic equipment of every hiker.

Have you ever gotten lost during your survival expedition? It's certainly hard to find the right path if there are trees and bushes all around you obscuring your surroundings. Compasses are the best friends of travelers, and if you can read the values correctly and use them in difficult situations, you need not fear any adventure!

Compass for survivalism

This small piece of equipment can sometimes save users from really extreme situations. Given its small size, it is worth adding even a small survival compass to your equipment, for example, in the form of a key ring.

We also have a range of high-end products, such as. compasses military and cartographic products that have been tailored to the needs of the most demanding groups of. In our offer you will find silva Ranger compass, one of the most popular models of tourist compasses.Whether you are an advanced bushcrafter or going to your first survival camp, you should always have a compass in your pocket or backpack!