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Carving Tools and Knives

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Wood carving knife

Carving knives is a set of very practical, durable and sharp tools for woodworking - knives are perfect for camping or bushcraft expeditions and camp work. Using carving knives, you can quickly and conveniently make basic camping utensils out of wood, such as a spoon, plate or wooden mug - kucha. Carving knives Morakniv Wood Carving 120 or Mora Wood Carving 106 have very hard laminate blades. Working even very hard wood with these knives is easy and fast. Spoon knife for carving, for example. Morakniv Wood Carving 162 or Morakniv Wood Carving 164 are very popular "hook" knives, which are perfect for carving a spoon, bowl or kuksa. For carving ornaments and precise decoration of objects made of wood, a carving knife will be perfect Morakniv Wood Carving 122. Morakniv has also prepared versions of knives for beginner carvers np. Morakniv Wood Carving Basic or Morakniv Wood Carving Jr 73/164, which has an extra guard to protect the hand from accidentally slipping on the cutting edge.

Morakniv carving knives

Morakniv is a Swedish company that is known for producing high-quality carving knives. These knives are made from the finest materials and designed for precision and durability.

Morakniv carving knives are ideal for sculptors, modelers, craftsmen and people who are interested in the art of sculpting. The blades are made of high quality steel and have specially designed edges to allow precise cutting and carving.

The company offers a wide range of carving knives, including knives with different blade and handle shapes to meet the different needs of carvers. All Morakniv knives are made according to traditional craftsmanship methods to guarantee the highest quality.

Whether beavercraft carving knives are worthy of recommendation?

Beavercraft is a brand that offers carving knives that are popular with beginning carvers and carving enthusiasts. Many people consider Beavercraft knives to be a good choice to start with, as they are affordable and offer solid quality.

What kind of chisel for carving a spoon?

If you are interested in carving spoons, you should consider the following chisels:

  1. Chisel for cutting, planing: this type of chisel is ideal for cutting the main shapes and forms of the spoon. Its sharp and wide shape allows for fast and precise cutting.
  2. Modeling chisel: This type of chisel is used for finishing and refining the shape of the spoon. Its rounded blade allows for accurate cutting and shaping of wood. Alternatively spoon knife.
  3. Decorating chisel: This type of chisel is ideal for cutting slots and holes in a spoon,
  4. Grinding chisel: this type of chisel is used to smooth and grind the surface of the bucket to achieve a smooth and uniform texture.

Remember that choosing the right chisel depends on your individual needs and preferences. It is recommended to choose chisels manufactured by reputable brands that guarantee the quality and durability of tools, for example, Beavercraft, Narex.