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Lappi Puukko Knives

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Lappituote is a manufactory that for generations has been making traditional finnish knives - puukko. Lappi knives are characterized by beautifully crafted handles, for the production of which natural products, typical of Finland, are used np. karelian birch and reindeer antlers. Lappi Finnish knives have blades of various lengths - starting from 62 millimeters and ending with traditional finishes with a 95 mm blade, for example. Lappi 95 PT. Lappituote also produces larger Scandinavian knives - leuku, which are dedicated to the heaviest work. Such Finnish knives as Lappi 145 or Lappi 175 face the toughest camp work. Traditionally, all puukko knives have Scandinavian ground blades and handmade Scandinavian scabbards.