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Any knife, even the sharpest in the world, will sooner or later dull. The right sharpener or sharpening system will easily manage to effectively restore any knife to its original sharpness. Depending on your needs, you can use ceramic sharpeners of different gradations to sharpen your knife, keeping in mind that severely damaged cutting edges should be brought out on stones of low gradation, for example. Haidu HCJ 280, and then use stones of higher gradation. For the final finishing of the blade, use stones of the highest gradation np. Haidu HCA 1000 and leather belt for polishing. In field conditions, for quick sharpening of a knife, pocket sharpeners such as the following are reliable. Lansky Blademedic, Lansky Arkansas or Schrade CHDDS. Fans of complex solutions, on the other hand, should stock up on a systematic solution for sharpening any knife. sharpeners Lansky Turn Box TB-2D2C or system Ganzo Touch Pro Ultra.