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Hand-held folding saws are next to axes indispensable equipment for every camping and bushcraft enthusiast. The folding saw is lightweight, takes up little space and guarantees high cutting efficiency and thus preparation of firewood or for camp construction. The iconic folding saw Bahco Laplander, is the quintessential good and affordable travel saw. The Bahco Laplander saw has been prized for its utility for years by Bushcraft mentors such as Ray Mears. Users looking for even higher utility values and superior quality should pay attention to the japanese Silky folding saws. These saws use a special tooth grinding technology that ensures that the saw will not wedge. Sawing with such saws as Silky Pocketboy 170 or Silky Gomboy 210 is pleasant and very fast. Saw Silky Bigboy 360 is one of the longest folding saws, thanks to which it is possible to effectively saw even very thick logs of wood - because the saw has a blade with a length of as much as 36 centimeters.