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What is the best knife sharpener and how do you choose one?


If you want to ensure the life of your knives, it is worth purchasing a good quality sharpener. Its regular use helps keep the blades in good condition and ensures that they can continue to perform their function. Which knife sharpener should you choose and what should you pay attention to when looking for it?

Manual or electric?

Knife sharpeners  are divided into manual and electric. However, in the case of long expeditions or fishing trips, only the first one will work. A manual sharpener does require some effort - what's more, the user must adjust the appropriate sharpening angle himself. However, unlike the electricity version, it is almost failure-free. This is a good choice for fans of traditional solutions.

Material of the sharpening mechanism – which one will you choose?

When choosing a knife sharpener, it is worth paying special attention to the material from which the sharpening mechanism is made. They usually come in the form of natural stone, although steel, ceramic, diamond and even leather sharpeners are also available on the market. The final choice depends on, among others: on the degree of bluntness of the blades.

Sharpening stone

When looking for a knife sharpener, you will primarily encounter sharpening stones - this is the most popular type of this device. In the case of very dull knives, it is best to use stones with a low degree of gradation. A fine-grained stone will be suitable for maintaining less blunt blades. If you want to  always have a sharpener with you during trips and camping, a stone with a storage case will be a good choice - e.g. the one from Smith's Inc.

Leather sharpening belt

Knife sharpeners also include leather sharpening belts with a polishing agent. Most often, they come in the form of a wooden board with pieces of thick leather - e.g. cowhide. This is an extremely effective device for increasing the sharpness of blades - both kitchen and survival ones. They also enable the knives to be polished almost to a mirror finish, while ensuring their maximum sharpness. A recommended sharpening belt is, among others: model LS1P1 by BEAVERCRAFT available in the Laplander store.

Ceramic sharpener

Another type of sharpener worth paying attention to is a ceramic sharpener. It works for all types of knives - with and without teeth. A particularly interesting solution is a pendant sharpener - thanks to its small size, it can accompany you regardless of the situation. The Lansky LTRIM ceramic model available  in the Laplander offer will work even with fishing hooks - this is due to its special groove.

Sharpener with several sharpening surfaces

When looking for a knife sharpener, it is also worth taking a look at a practical sharpener with several sharpening surfaces. Combining several functions, it allows you to sharpen very dull blades, as well as final polishing of knives or sharpening fishing hooks and other small tools. This is a proposition that will work not only on the road, but also at home, when the kitchen knife needs sharpening. A good choice will be, among others: Pivot Plus sharpener by Work Sharp.


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