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How to choose a head torch - what to look for?


A headlamp is an accessory that  may prove indispensable during long-hour expeditions or forest camping . When looking for the perfect model, it is worth paying attention to several important aspects of this type of equipment. What exactly are we talking about?

Appropriate lighting distance

One of the basic parameters worth paying attention to when choosing a headlamp is the lighting distance. Some headlamps are able to illuminate even more than 1.5 meters forward - such as the Fenix ​​HM65R or Olight Perun 2 model. However, if we do not need equipment with such a long range, the optimal choice will be a flashlight with a distance of several dozen meters - e.g. SYNC21-BK/DK or VIZ21-BK/DK models from Princeton Tec.

Lighting time

In the case of a headlamp, the lighting time is also important. Sometimes headlamps are able to work for several dozen hours at medium power and even several hundred hours in the economical mode. However, it sometimes happens that one set of batteries is not enough for one trip - and if we did not take additional batteries, we may be left without a valuable light source. When choosing a flashlight, it is worth taking into account the time it emits light without having to replace the battery. In addition to battery-powered headlamps, we also offer flashlights charged using a magnetic port - e.g. the HM61R model by Fenix. It is also worth remembering that the brighter the light the flashlight generates, the shorter the battery life. The ability to adjust its power can significantly extend the lighting time.

Flashlight weight

A headlamp should not weigh heavily on your head - when looking for the perfect headlamp, you should also take its weight into account. It depends, among others, on: on its housing or the size of the battery compartment. The lightness of the flashlight is especially important in the case of winter sports - during forest hikes or mountain expeditions it is not so noticeable, although even then a few extra grams can make a difference. The flashlight should also be stable - the mounting straps must properly hold it on the head so that it does not slip off the forehead while moving.

Adjusting the lighting power

Headlamps with adjustable light output are a good choice. It is best if the equipment has several different lighting modes that can be adjusted to a specific situation. Some headlamps, in addition to white light of varying intensity, also emit colored light. For example, flashlights with red light may prove useful, among others: inside the tent, and moreover - they do not blind people as much as white light. Flashlights with green light will be helpful when reading the map. The headlamps available in the assortment have various light modes - every adventure enthusiast can find a model tailored to their individual needs.

Waterproof or waterproof

If our hike is to last many hours - especially if we are talking about a hike in the mountains - we are not always able to predict weather conditions. The weather can change suddenly, and a water-resistant headlamp will come in handy. Waterproofness or waterproofness are one of the most important features of this type of equipment. Thanks to it, in the event of rainfall, we can still enjoy a well-lit path - without worrying about damaging the flashlight. If you want a headlamp that will provide you with comfort when hiking in the rain after dark, at Laplander you will find many models with a waterproof or waterproof certificate - e.g. the HC35 Nitecore model or the HM60R headlamp by Fenix.


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