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Travel powerbank - what to look out for?


Tourist power banks  are gadgets that we use more and more often. Surrounded by many mobile devices, without which we can no longer imagine life, we need an emergency power source that will allow us to charge the necessary equipment. Of course, there are many types of power banks. Some are suitable for everyday use, and some, e.g. those with really high power, are able to power many devices, e.g. during a long camping trip. Below is an overview of the offer we have prepared for you.

What is important when choosing a power bank?

First of all, you need to answer the question why we will need such a powerbank . We will need a completely different one for everyday use, and another one during longer trips away from civilization. The most popular way to use power banks is, of course, to charge a phone, tablet or laptop. We need them for work and entertainment, so when we are away from home or work, where we have access to traditional power sources, it is worth having a powerbank at hand . It will save us when the equipment runs out of charge and we need to use it. In turn, when we decide to go on a longer trip to an area where we know that access to electricity may be very difficult, it is worth considering the strongest charging stations available on the market, which have solar charging capabilities and are resistant to difficult weather conditions.

Powerbank parameters that should be taken into account when choosing

  • durability and waterproofness
  • solar charging possible
  • ports
  • capacity
  • Libra

Certainly one of the most important factors determining whether a power bank will work in survival and bushcraft conditions is its waterproof properties . All the equipment we take with us on this type of expeditions should be really refined in this respect. Appropriate material and components refined in terms of insulation guarantee that even in high humidity, rainfall, but also in hot weather and other extreme weather conditions, the equipment will work and fulfill its role. Another issue is immunity. It should be borne in mind that while in home or office conditions power banks are at most at risk of falling onto the floor or carpet, in mountainous areas there are slightly more threats and their scale is also different. Therefore, it is worth paying attention primarily to those chargers that are made of materials that are resistant to damage , deformation and shocks. Stainless steel on the housing works great, but it is not the only recommended material. It is important that the power bank is really solid and able to keep up with us during truly extreme expeditions. The possibility of solar charging is a really useful feature when it comes to power banks. There may always be unexpected and unexpected situations that will thwart our plans and, for example, make it impossible to reach a shelter or other place to rest at the time we planned. It is worth and even necessary to protect ourselves against such circumstances, and solar-charged power banks will protect us against losing contact with people whose help we may need. The number of ports is important if we plan to use the powerbank really intensively . When we stop at a camp or take a break to eat and regenerate, it is always worth using this time to recharge all the devices we use. The more ports, of course, the easier and faster such a task can be performed.

Power banks we recommend

Among the models available in the offer of the store, the following are worth mentioning: very efficient, technologically advanced and durable XTORM devices. The Extreme Rugged model is a real combine among power banks. It is equipped with a powerful 20,000 mAh battery and a 30W USB-C PD port, enabling extremely fast charging of smartphones and other devices that are compatible with Power Delivery 30W technology. Its reinforced casing effectively protects it against damage, and the IP65 tightness class means that it is resistant to splashes, oil and sand. Among solar power banks, we can honestly recommend the XTORM Fuel model. It has an efficient solar panel that allows you to obtain solar energy in a very effective and trouble-free way, even on cloudy days. It can also be charged in a traditional way - via a USB-C cable. XTORM Fuel also includes a carabiner, which allows you to attach it to, for example, a backpack. Safety of use is ensured by the technologies used in the device, which protect against overcharging and overheating both the power bank itself and all devices connected to it. The XTORM Power Station  300 portable charging station for a large campsite is a powerful charging station, perfect for those who want to have access to a power socket outside the home. This model provides a 300W AC power source and allows you to charge various devices for many hours. It has a powerful 300W AC socket, a 120W 12V car charger, 1 60W USB-C port, 3 USB outputs and 2 5.5 mm 60W DC outputs. As you can see, there is a huge selection of chargers and power banks tailored to various needs. And this is only a fraction of the offer we have prepared.  


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