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Personal water filter. How do you secure access to clean water in difficult times?


Without access to clean water, humans cannot survive for long. That is why it is so important to have the knowledge, skills and equipment appropriate to be able to take care of and ensure the fulfillment of this basic need in times of crisis and unexpected situations. Personal water filters are reliable in such cases.

Water supplies in emergency situations

We need water every day, and most people certainly make sure they have at least a minimal supply of bottled water at home. However, if there is a major failure in the water supply system and the water flowing from the tap becomes contaminated or becomes unfit for consumption for other reasons, a few  bottles of water may not be enough to survive the crisis. As long as we have the opportunity to allocate a large enough space in our home pantry, garage or basement for storing supplies, we should use this option. Experts and specialized agencies such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommend having a 3-day supply of water at your disposal, but in situations where it is difficult to predict how long access to drinking water may be impossible or difficult, and he won't keep us safe. The best solution to this situation is to additionally purchase specialized filters or water treatment systems. There are many such products on the market, but in crisis situations, personal water filters are the best solution.

Personal water filters – our recommendations

There are many models of personal water filters available on the market, but it is best to invest in those that are reputable and trusted. The LifeStraw® Personal – Blue water filter is certainly one of them . It uses the innovative LifeStraw® technology, which allows you to drink water directly from polluted sources. It is extremely light and very handy, so it is perfect not only in crisis situations, but also during survival or bushcraft expeditions. Effectively eliminates most bacteria and parasites responsible for transmitting diseases through water, as well as microplastics harmful to our health. Assuming it is used and maintained properly, this filter can last up to 5 years. Its design allows you to consume water directly from a lake, river or other body of water, but you can also place it in a screw-top container filled with water and take it with you when traveling. Due to the fact that the filter does not require either electricity or chemicals to function properly, it is probably the best solution for sudden and unexpected interruptions in the water supply. Its construction uses cylindrical capillary membrane technology, which is one of the most effective and proven filtration methods. Water filter with 2-stage filtration LifeStraw® GO – Gray is another of our proposals that is worth familiarizing yourself with. It is placed in an aesthetic and convenient bottle, equipped with a carabiner that allows you to attach it to, for example, a backpack. The filter itself, thanks to two-stage purification technology and the use of a carbon filter, not only effectively eliminates harmful parasites, bacteria and contaminants from water, but also improves its taste . The bottle has an optimal capacity - 0.65 l. You can take it on an expedition and replenish fluids while walking, or include it in your kit prepared for emergency situations. There are many possibilities of using this filter and it will certainly be used by people who simply care about the good of the natural environment and who prefer to use tap water instead of buying bottled water in a store. After removing the filter, the bottle can be washed in the dishwasher, and when the filter is used up, simply replace it with a new one. This model is available in many attractive colors.

Other water treatment methods

When thinking about preparing for long-term and unexpected water outages, there are various options to consider. In addition to using personal water filters, it is also worth purchasing special water disinfection tablets, such as  JAVEL AQUA water disinfection treatment tablets . The kit also includes a disinfection bag. The manufacturer recommends using them for drinking water whose origin is unknown or questionable. The most important disinfectant used in these tablets is NaDCC. They effectively eliminate microorganisms responsible for gastrointestinal disorders and intestinal and liver diseases caused by the consumption of water from unreliable sources.


The more we know about available water treatment methods, the better. Then, even when the crisis finds us not fully prepared for such a situation, we will be able to take effective actions to ensure ourselves and our loved ones access to this life-giving fluid.      


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