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Is Gerber a good knife brand?


When looking for a knife that will work well during all types of expeditions - e.g. camping - it is worth taking a look at Gerber products. This world-popular manufacturer combines high quality workmanship, functionality and style in its products. What else makes it worth buying knives and other accessories from this esteemed company?

Gerber – a few words about the brand

Gerber is one of the most respected brands producing knives. However, we do not mean kitchen knives - we are mainly talking about the tourist version. The origins of this American company date back to the 1940s - then the founder Gerber opened the first small production plant. Over the next several decades, the brand's products gained recognition among customers in many parts of the world. The manufacturer's offer includes not only tourist knives, but also high-class pocket knives and multifunctional multitools, combining several of the most necessary tools. Moreover, the brand produces axes, handballs and machetes. Gerber products are one of the most frequently chosen products by survival and tourism enthusiasts
. They are still manufactured in Portland, USA.

What distinguishes Gerber knives?

Gerber knives, pocket knives and multitools are distinguished by high quality workmanship and exceptional durability. It is a reliable choice both for everyday use and during extreme expeditions and camping. The excellent quality-price ratio means that Gerber knives and other products are used by users from all over the world - especially  from America and Europe. The manufacturer uses durable, high-quality materials, which,
combined with the original design, create a unique whole. The use of the highest quality materials significantly affects the durability of the knives and ensures that they serve their users for many years. All brand products are also characterized by a safe construction, ensuring a firm grip and comfortable use. They are also resistant to rust and various types of mechanical damage. Notches and holes in the right places, the presence of straps and clips, unique mechanisms... - all this makes using Gerber knives a pure pleasure!

Gerber knives in the Laplander range

Gerber knives significantly facilitate everyday functioning during camping or mushroom picking, long forest hikes or fishing. If you have been looking for a knife or a multitool that will not let you down even in the most difficult situations, the manufacturer's products will meet your expectations. The Laplander store offers, among others: survival knives, EDC knives and those for universal purposes. There are also essentials waiting for you, including the most necessary cutlery and multitools with a file, pliers, screwdrivers and tweezers. Regardless of which of them you choose, they will provide you with comfort of use, maximum safety and versatility - regardless of the situation!


Gerber Spine Knife

Gerber Spine Knife

64,75 € incl. VAT
Gerber Strongarm FE Black knife

Gerber Strongarm FE Black knife

149,75 € incl. VAT
Gerber Prodigy SE Black knife

Gerber Prodigy SE Black knife

147,25 € incl. VAT
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