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Choosing a beverage thermos - sturdy and long-lasting heat retention


A warm drink is an absolute "must have" during any long trip in spring, autumn and winter, when temperatures can still be low and the weather is very changeable. A sip of warming tea or your favorite warm coffee will help you regenerate and regain energy for further hiking. It is therefore important that the thermos you use can keep the drink at a high temperature for a long time, and at the same time be very tight, light and resistant to damage. We recommend models that will work well during demanding expeditions or for everyday use.

The best  tourist thermoses for a trip

Fans of expeditions into difficult areas, who are not afraid of cold, uncertain weather and difficult routes, probably know perfectly well how important it is for safety, comfort and, of course, enjoyment of such journeys, to prepare for them. We will not write about footwear, equipment and appropriate clothing here, but it is definitely worth mentioning thermoses. We have an offer for those who are not afraid of this type of escapades and who value good quality accessories. THERMOS Mountain FFX 0.5L thermos for extreme conditions  is a great product for demanding customers. It is very light and has vacuum insulation and a double screw cap . The presented model has a volume of 500 ml, but a thermos from this line is also available, which can hold up to 900 ml of a drink. It has been designed to enable comfortable use in difficult mountain conditions: it is easy to open and close , it is resistant to damage , it has high insulating properties , so it keeps the heat for a really long time (after 6 hours the temperature of the drink that was initially 95 degrees Celsius, was 77 degrees Celsius during tests). In addition, it has compact dimensions , so it fits easily in your hand and does not take up much space in your backpack. It weighs only 260 g (without the anti-slip disc and bottom protection).

Another model that we can confidently recommend for extreme mountain expeditions is the THERMOS Mountain FBB 0.75L thermos .  It has excellent thermal and insulating properties and is exceptionally durable. It has a Thermax steel vacuum insert, thanks to which it maintains the high temperature of the drink for up to 18 hours (in the case of cold drinks, this time is even longer - up to 24 hours). The casing made of stainless steel guarantees it high resistance to damage, and at the same time makes it weigh little - the presented model weighs only 480 g. As we know, the lower the weight of the equipment, the better, especially if you plan to go on a long hike in difficult conditions. . A specially designed cap makes it easier to close and open - you can easily operate it with gloves or with cold hands.

Thermoses for camping and camping

Durable and practical thermoses suitable for camping and camping include: manufacturers such as Stanley,  Thermos and Esbit . When it comes to the first brand, the Stanley  Legendary Classic model is worth recommending . It maintains the temperature for up to 24 hours . It is made of light and durable stainless steel and is vacuum insulated. The innovatively designed flow stopper allows you to pour a drink into the cup without having to unscrew it completely. This is not only very convenient, but also a practical solution, because the drink inside is well protected against cooling. The model also has a comfortable handle with a silicone finish. The interior with a wide opening is easy to clean.


The King thermos by Thermos has similar properties . It keeps the drink at a high temperature for up to 24 hours, is made of stainless steel and has vacuum insulation. It has a very attractive design and is available in many colors and different capacities. It is perfect for everyday use and during longer trips to nature. It is lightweight, has a waterproof cap and a handle attached to the body. It is easy to clean and replaceable parts are readily available. The Esbit brand offers interesting models . The Esbit  Vacuum Flask model  has high temperature retention parameters and its casing is made of non-slip material. The interior is coated with a layer of silver, which not only has antibacterial properties, but also makes cleaning much easier. Compact dimensions and well-thought-out shape make it easy to transport and use. The set includes 2 corks - one traditional and one automatic, and two cups.

Thermoses for work, school and home

Many people are more and more willing to use thermoses on a daily basis. For such frequent use, the following will be perfect: TKPro Klean Kanteen  and THERMOS Traditional models . The first one is made of stainless steel. The raw material composition is free from BPA and other toxins or plastic. The thermos does not absorb odors, has a wide spout and is dishwasher safe. Klean kanteen thermoses from the TKPro line are characterized by modern design, aesthetics and functionality. Together with  the Klean Kanteen TkWide thermal mug, they will certainly create a perfect tandem for school or office equipment.

Supporters of traditional solutions, known for decades, will definitely like the Thermos Traditional thermos  , which has a classic appearance and a traditional glass vacuum insert . Keeps hot for 8 hours and cold for 18 hours. The set includes two cups, and opening it is very easy and possible even with thick gloves. Such a thermos will be perfect for relaxing at home or for traditional relaxation, e.g. in camping houses.


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