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Baseball caps - which ones to choose?


Hiking, fishing trip, weekend camping, outdoor sports... - a good quality  baseball cap will be necessary in each of these situations! When looking for the perfect model, it is worth paying attention to several specific features of this accessory. Which baseball cap should you choose so that it will pass the test  in various conditions?

Durable material - the hat will last for years

The material from which the hat is made is one of the basic factors in choosing it. If we want it to serve us for a long time, it is worth taking into account the resistance of the material, e.g. to abrasion. Helikon baseball caps available in the Laplander store are made of tear-resistant rip-stop fabric, which is a mixture of cotton and polyester. Its great advantage is not only high durability, but also exceptional lightness. These types of hats can accompany us during dozens of different trips, regardless of the prevailing conditions.

Adequate ventilation - essential on summer days

When it comes to the cap material and its durability, it is also worth paying attention to whether it provides proper ventilation. Breathable fabric and the right number of ventilation holes are essential in this case - especially if the temperatures are high outside. The material guaranteeing air flow prevents excessive sweating of the scalp and effectively wicks away moisture. The advantage of Helikon hats is the combination of airy material and as many as six ventilation holes.

Circumference adjustment – ​​for comfort and fit

To make wearing a baseball cap fully comfortable, it should also be able to adjust the circumference. Thanks to this, we can perfectly adjust it to the size of our head and individual needs - then it fits properly regardless of what we are doing. Helikon baseball caps are easy to adjust using the strap at the back.

Broken roof – the pinnacle of functionality

When choosing a baseball cap that will provide us with maximum comfort of use, it is also worth taking a look at its construction. Some of them can be easily folded without the risk of damage - and this is also the case with Helikon models! They have a foldable roof that allows them to be folded into a small size - which in turn means they can be easily stored in a jacket or backpack pocket. You won't find many caps with a foldable visor on the market, but they are some of the most functional options.

Helikon baseball caps are undoubtedly one of the best choices - regardless of whether we plan to wear them during mountain trips or fishing. offers them in several different, subdued shades - they even include a camouflage model, i.e. Forest Panther! These proposals are additionally equipped with special Velcro panels enabling personalization using special Velcro patches. Helikon hats will work well in many situations - also in combination with tactical equipment, e.g. glasses or hearing protectors!


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