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A gift for the survivalist - our top 5 list


A gift for a survival enthusiast – our top 5 list

The number of people interested in such forms of spending free time, such as survival or bushcraft , is constantly growing. These are very addictive and engaging passions and every fan of them will certainly appreciate all the gifts related to them. We have some proven ideas about what may be most useful to lovers of extreme experiences.

Survival fire starter

A fire starter is an invaluable aid in many survival adventures, but not only that. It is also often used by hunters, anglers and ordinary tourists. In situations where you need to warm up quickly and properly, a professional fire starter turns out to be irreplaceable. One of the best products in this segment is the legendary original Swedish fire starter Swedish FireSteel®  2.0 BioArmy . Initially, they were produced on behalf of the Swedish Department of Defense, and the presented model is its latest, improved version. It is equipped with a new generation igniter, allowing you to light a fire in any conditions. In addition to having a modern design and various colors, it also has an alarm whistle built into the magneto handle . The parameters of this gadget are appreciated: the striking rod, up to 9 mm thick, is the thickest fire starter available on the market, producing sparks with a temperature of up to 3,000 degrees Celsius! They can be used to start a fire, but also to light food processors, stoves and gas grills. It lasts for about 12,000 uses and is simply reliable. The sparks they produce are very bright - so they can serve as an alarm signal. This is a great gift idea for a survival enthusiast!

Water filter

Before any major expedition, during which conditions may change drastically, you should purchase a good quality water filter . Thanks to it, obtaining drinking water will not be a problem. One of the most recommendable products in this category is LifeStraw® Personal . This ultra-light straw filter is perfect for traveling. You can use it to directly drink water from lakes, rivers or streams, or put it in a container to provide drinking water for later stages of the expedition. It helps prevent infection with most diseases caused by drinking contaminated water - it protects, among others: against E.coli bacteria, parasites and micro-plastics. Its durability is up to 5 years, provided it is used and maintained properly. The effectiveness of this filter has been confirmed by rigorous research and testing, consistent with protocols established by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and NSF International/ANSI. Such a gift will certainly be appreciated by a lover of survival expeditions.

Handmade knife

Without a good knife, there is no point in going on a survival adventure. It is needed in so many situations that it is impossible to list them all here. For every lover of this form of spending free time, a handmade Casström No.10 SFK (Swedish Forest Knife) knife  with a fire starter will be a great gift. It is one of the most popular and appreciated  bushcraft knives in Europe. It has a perfectly refined design, a comfortable handle and - above all - a durable blade. Sandvik stainless steel was used to make the blade. It provides excellent blade performance, high hardness and impressive corrosion resistance. Karelian birch was used to produce the handle , and the fire starter is equipped with an ergonomic handle and Auermetall rod, ensuring an even effect, regardless of the weather. The whole thing is refined not only in terms of quality, but also appearance. This knife is just a beautiful item. The set also includes a sheath made of vegetable-tanned cowhide in a cognac brown color.

Survival knife

A typical survival knife is the Gerber Strongarm FE coyote model . This is a tool that will help you survive even in extreme conditions and will be a great gift for a survival enthusiast. It is comfortable to use, safe and versatile. The blade is made of 420 HC (High Carbon) steel with a higher carbon content, characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and easy sharpening. The handle is reinforced with fiberglass and covered with special rubber, ensuring excellent grip. The knife is available in a set with a holster made of durable plastic and a Snap-in Molle mounting system.

Outdoor cooking kit 

After the hardships of the expedition, it is good to regenerate with a warm meal. The Kelly Kettle ULTIMATE Base Camp 1.6L Steel set will be perfect for such preparation . It includes  a stove with complete equipment necessary to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner and prepare a hot drink. The set includes a kettle with a base, a pot with a lid (which is also a frying pan), a handle, a foldable grill grate, a cooking stand for the pot, a set of cups, a stove, two plates and a cover. Thus equipped, every survival and bushcraft enthusiast can confidently set off on their journey. For more inspiration, interesting products and useful gadgets, visit our store.          


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