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Tips on how to prepare for and survive a blackout


We tell you how to prepare for and survive a blackout

The threat of a blackout is not as distant as popular opinion suggests. Experts warn that in Poland and Europe, the risk of a sudden and long-lasting power outage may be greater due to rising energy prices, gradually decreasing gas stocks in warehouses and problems with renewable energy sources, which are particularly sensitive to weather changes. So what should you do to prepare well for such an eventuality and not remain helpless in the face of a blackout? We will be happy to share our tips.

Food and water supply

Ensuring access to fresh, clean water and food is absolutely essential. This need can be met by creating stocks of long-lasting food or specialized food rations used, for example, by soldiers. In a difficult situation, which undoubtedly includes a blackout, you can use, for example, the NRG-5 Emergency Food Ration . It is produced in Germany and has enjoyed recognition and great popularity for many years. It is often used in civilian and military survival kits because in crisis situations it provides the amount of energy necessary for survival. This product comes in the form of pressed cubes/biscuits, produced entirely using ingredients of plant origin - roasted wheat, vegetable oil, sugar, vegetable protein, malt, vitamins and minerals. The package contains 9 such cubes, hermetically packed in a multi-layer packaging, ensuring durability up to 20 years. When it comes to water, if possible, it is worth stocking up in large bottles. However, if you do not have a large enough storage space, tablets or special water purification filters may be an excellent alternative . Thanks to them, even if you do not have access to running water, you can safely use other sources, such as lakes, rivers or streams. . Filters such as the LifeStraw® Universal water filter with bottle adapters  protect against 99.999999% of bacteria (including E. coli, Salmonella), 99.999% of parasites (including Giardia and Cryptosporidium), 99.999% of microplastics, chlorine , organic chemical matter, dirt and turbidity, but also improve the taste of water.

Access to light

While it is possible to function during the day without access to additional light sources - apart from sunlight - after dark or early in the morning, the problem of its lack becomes acute. Of course, it is always worth having a supply of candles or handy flashlights at home, but in the event of really long power outages, they may turn out to be insufficient. Therefore, it is worth purchasing lamps or flashlights that are more efficient and safer to use. In our opinion, a kerosene lamp  - Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern - deserves to be recommended . This product, like other models in this line, has been manufactured in Germany continuously for over 100 years. This is probably the best proof of their reliability and quality. The flame is effectively protected from wind and precipitation by Schott Suprax glass, and the burning time is up to 20 hours. 

First aid kit

Blackout may have many consequences, including difficult access to medical services. Therefore, it is also worth protecting yourself for this occasion and preparing a  real first aid kit for yourself and your loved ones, or using ready-made kits, such as the Waterproof - Care Plus first aid kit . This set includes, among others: gauze compresses, non-stick dressing, elastic bandages and adhesive dressings in two sizes, finger and ankle plasters, surgical tape, wound closure strips, vinyl gloves, alcohol wipes, rescue scissors, tweezers, safety pins, triangular bandage, face mask artificial respiration, a foil emergency blanket, a shatter-free glass thermometer, burn gel and finger cots. The first aid kit is roomy and durable. It comes in a waterproof bag and works well in difficult conditions.


Lack of access to heating is one of the most serious and dangerous consequences of a blackout, especially if it occurs during winter frosts. The  Gstove Heat View Camping Stove is made in Norway. It was created with camping conditions in mind, but it will also work perfectly in the situation described here. You can cook on it and you can warm yourself perfectly with it. It is light and safe to use, and just a few branches are enough to turn it into an effective heat source.

Cooking meals

To cook meals in blackout conditions, you can use, among others: Optimus Crux tourist burner . It weighs only 83 g and has enormous power - 3000 W. Thanks to this, a liter of water can be boiled in up to 3 minutes. It is sold in a set with a cover. An essential accessory to the burner is, of course, a gas cartridge . Of course, the aspects mentioned above are only the basic issues that are worth thinking about when planning preparations for a blackout. Many inspiring and useful products can be found in our online store.           


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