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Survival food, rations for difficult times


Until recently, concepts such as survival food or food rations were mostly known to people associated with the military or lovers of extreme expeditions. However, times are changing and for your own mental comfort and safety, it is worth familiarizing yourself with this topic and expanding your knowledge about the products available in this category.

Why is it worth stocking up  on hard times?

The thing about unexpected situations is that we don't expect them to come. Who could have predicted that the entire world would have to confront the problem of the Covid-19 pandemic ? Overnight, life as we know it has changed beyond recognition. Work, school, meetings with friends and family, and even simple shopping - everyone has certainly felt the restrictions introduced in these and many other areas of our activity. Well, since we're talking about shopping, let's focus on this issue for a moment. Since the development of events related to the epidemic was initially one big unknown, people began to buy various items in stores, and not only basic necessities. At one point, the threat of lack of availability of basic nutritional products was really serious. And this is not the only threat that must be taken into account nowadays. Although power outages are not a common occurrence, an unexpected blackout  can disrupt our reality. Not only will it effectively prevent you from functioning normally at work and at home, but it may also limit your ability to prepare meals. We could list such difficult situations for a long time, but there is one conclusion - it is worth remembering that things can happen to us that we would not even think about. In this situation, prepping is increasingly becoming a field reserved not only for survival enthusiasts, but also for ordinary people.

Food for difficult times

The reality we live in, with all its amenities and obvious benefits, is not given to us once and for all, as we have had the opportunity to painfully discover recently. For our own good and safety, we should take preparing for the unexpected more seriously. Climate change , the drastic nature of which has also become more visible and obvious, should further sensitize us to these issues. One of the basic things we need to survive is, of course, food and drink.

Long-term food – what should you consider when choosing it?

The food we want to stockpile in case of problems with the availability of food in stores, but also the food that we can take with us on extreme expeditions, must have specific properties. First of all, it is important to have a high content of nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body. It must be valuable, high-energy food and, of course, healthy, but also easy to prepare , if we are talking about hot meals. Reliable chocolate (e.g. Scho-Ka-kola energy chocolate, known since World War II ) or military crackers are perfect as quick snacks that will help us when we feel exhausted or want to regenerate quickly. What else is worth having in the pantry for difficult times? Freeze-dried food from Travellunch® is definitely an option worth recommending. This brand's offer includes easy-to-prepare dishes that are full of good ingredients and at the same time really tasty. There are many meals to choose from, such as chilli con carne with beef, red kidney beans and smoked bacon. Simply pour hot water over the powdered ingredients and mix thoroughly to enjoy a truly tasty and high-energy dinner. It is not without reason that this brand's food is popular among polar explorers, travelers, competitive athletes and many other people who value active recreation in the bosom of nature. The Trek'n eat brand also offers good products . You can choose between meals with meat and fully plant-based meals. The composition of all dishes has been carefully thought out and developed in such a way that they constitute a healthy and complete source of energy. Light, powder-filled bags do not burden the equipment too much, and hot water is enough to prepare a refreshing, warming dish . To quickly boil boiling water, you can use a foldable survival stove , which can be fueled with virtually any solid fuel, or a handy fuel cube stove, e.g. the popular Esbit stove.

Canned meat and canned bread

Canned meat and canned bread are another option for a prepper's pantry. The advantage of these products is a long shelf life, resistance to fluctuations in storage conditions and nutritional value. Mr preppers canned goods  are high-quality products containing 100% pork, poultry or mixed meat. Canned bread, which is rightly associated with military food, is most often nutritious whole grain bread, rich in nutrients, e.g.  Trek'n Eat canned bread 250 g.  Such a set consisting of 300 grams of canned food and a can of bread will constitute a nutritious meal for 2 people.

Survival food rations

Food rations are probably the most concentrated portions of food, containing all the ingredients necessary to meet the energy needs of an adult. Most often, they come in the form of tablets that can be eaten dry or mixed with milk or water. These types of products are offered, among others: Seven Oceans  and NRG-5 brands . In difficult, emergency situations, you can also reach for canned bread, canned goods and dried beef. For these and many other articles, visit the store. It was created not only for survival and bushcraft enthusiasts . 


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