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How much does a good pocket knife cost?


Pocket knife - when will it prove useful?

Penknife is a pocket accessory that passes the test in dozens of situations - at home, on a camping trip or during a mountain excursion. In its basic version it comes as a knife with a folding blade. Pocket knives are used for both small tasks and more complicated jobs - from cutting food while camping, to cutting small branches, to threading paracord. When choosing a particular model, it is worth paying attention to on the size, durability, safety of use or effectiveness of the pocket knife. This inconspicuous accessory is worth keeping on hand at all times - you never know when it might actually come in handy.

What the price of a pocket knife depends on?

The prices of pocket knives, like many other survival accessories, vary depending on a number of factors. The cost of the instrument may depend on the from brand, build quality or functionality. This is because most of them, in addition to the blade, have a corkscrew, opener or screwdriver - then we talk about pocket knives multitools. Their prices range from tens to even hundreds of zlotys. The final choice depends entirely on the personal needs of the user - but if you care about frequent use and long life, it is worth betting on models worth at least a hundred zlotys.

Laplander pocket knives in various price ranges

In the Laplander you can find pocket knives in a wide price range. A recommendable solution at an affordable price is classic SD model by Victorinox. This is a pocket knife with compact size and high functionality - because it is equipped with with tweezers, scissors, nail file or flathead screwdriver. Stainless steel blade for long life and efficient cutting. If you are looking for a pocket knife within two hundred zlotys, on the other hand, it is worth paying attention to the folding proposal of the Ruike brand - the multifunctional model LD21-B. The steel used to make the blade guarantees excellent cutting properties, and the additional components of the tool - such as the opener, glass breaker and wire bender - provide an extremely wide range of applications. An interesting solution from the higher price range - ok. four hundred zlotys - is, in turn, a Victorinox Skipper pocket knife. It makes an ideal choice for both a long camping trip and a weekend fishing trip. This model has not only a blade with a serrated edge, but also several types of screwdrivers, a corkscrew, tweezers, and even a stripping tool or pliers. This is a real accessory for special tasks, which will not disappoint the most demanding users.


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