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How much does a good pepper spray cost?


Buying pepper spray is always a good decision - especially if we live in a dangerous area and returning home at night is our daily routine. This is an effective and simple method of self-defense in the event of a sudden attack. What is the cost of good quality gas and which type to choose?

Pepper spray  – why is it worth investing in?

Pepper spray is a simple way to ensure your safety and protect yourself from an attacker. The irritant contained in it - capsaicin - causes irritation and burning of the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose, which in turn results in vision problems and involuntary closing of the eyes. As a result of using the gas, the attacker's respiratory system is also irritated. Contact with the spray or gel may cause unpleasant symptoms for about half an hour - during which time the attacked person has a chance to call the appropriate services or incapacitate the attacker. Moreover, most pepper sprays leave a dye on the skin and clothing, which is helpful in identification - especially if the attacker tries to leave the scene. A small gas container can fit even in a jacket pocket or the smallest purse, and can often save health or life. Both its possession and its legitimate use for self-defense purposes are completely legal.

Cost of pepper spray

Pepper spray prices vary depending on the form, irritant concentration, packaging capacity and range. Their cost also depends on whether the housing contains elements protecting against accidental spraying. Cheap preparations cost even several zlotys - to feel even safer, it is worth investing in a slightly more expensive solution. There are also those worth several hundred zlotys - but most often they are gases with large capacities, used mainly by the police. The cost of good pepper spray for "everyday" use is several dozen zlotys - you can easily find a suitable product for around PLN 50-80. It is worth knowing that pepper sprays in gel are usually more expensive than those in spray form. Recommended solutions include, among others: Graphite Red Pepper Gel Stream or  Fox Labs Mean Green gases  – effective and affordable.

Which pepper spray should I choose?

Choosing a specific type of pepper spray may involve some dilemmas. If we often walk after dark, the most practical option will be a small gas that can be quickly removed from a pocket or bag. However, if we want as many sprays as possible, it is worth investing in gas with a larger capacity - then the size of the package goes hand in hand with a higher price. If you want to gain a chance for self-defense in closed rooms, it is best to use pepper spray in gel, which will not harm other people staying there. When deciding to buy gas, choose products from reputable manufacturers and use the services of official, proven stores selling self-defense and survival supplies. Pepper sprays from questionable sources - e.g. purchased at a marketplace or from a third party - may not work as expected. The assortment includes gases of various capacities and ranges - both in spray and gel form. These are products from proven brands, which in many cases may prove to be invaluable support.


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