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Do you need a walkie-talkie licence?


A walkie-talkie, also known as a portable radio , can replace a traditional cell phone in many situations. Using radio waves, it enables trouble-free communication even in places where there is no coverage at all. This is a great way to contact expedition members, including: while hiking in the forest. Does using a walkie-talkie require a permit?

Walkie talkie and radio license

The issue of permits for the use of walkie-talkie devices is regulated in our country by a regulation of the Minister of Administration and Digitization. Obtaining a permit is possible for people who have an operator's certificate. They must have, among others: security companies, police or transport companies - professional radios are used there every day. A permit is required for several types of equipment that differ in frequency and power. Using an advanced radio device without the necessary permission may result in a fine or even restriction or imprisonment of up to two years.

PMR walkie-talkies, or when a permit is not necessary…

A permit to use walkie-talkies is not necessary in some cases. However, we are talking about devices other than those used in security companies or construction companies. Without permission, you can communicate using small walkie-talkies with low power - no more than 0.5 W. Moreover, the antennas should not be subject to any modifications - otherwise they will not meet the requirements for the legal use of the PMR band. We can distinguish, among others: shortwave radios operating in the PMR 446 band. This is an abbreviation of personal mobile radio. However, the use of this type of devices may cause some difficulties due to the availability of walkie-talkies and the high interest of users. The range of this type of "walkie-talkie" depends largely on the terrain conditions - in densely built-up places it is only a few hundred meters, while on water or in the mountains it can be up to several kilometers.

PMR 446 – perfect for hiking in the mountains and forests

PMR  446 walkie-talkies, the use of which does not require a permit, are used, among others, by lovers of mountain hiking and climbing, and even by scouts. Within the 446 MHz band, the radio has 8 or 16 channels available. The assortment includes high-class  walkie-talkies from renowned manufacturers - however, these are mainly advanced walkie-talkies, the use of which requires the permission of the President of UKE. The devices pass the test both on land, at sea and in the air. These models are resistant to various types of conditions, guaranteeing very good range and clear communication. Some of them are additionally equipped with a flashlight.

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